5 Best ways for Weekend fun in Bangalore


You Love bengaluru as much as you hate it..??

There are enough reasons to justify both sides .For many of us,this question marks fairly for  few more  cities in India as well.But Bangalore holds something special when compared to others in patronizing your soul with love of its own kind.

Serious traffic congestion,polluted Air & water and also hefty rental deposits all  hover like dark clouds covering the blue sky …but not so far is a  hope of snowy clouds stretched till horizons.
Avenue trees along the road,neighbors from far across country  ,nice weather across the seasons and great places to hangout even at a far stretch.A Sudden feeling of living very close to Nature creeps in and satiates your senses.The biggest gift surmounts all pie problems making them small and obsolete.

While you relish your experience in Bangalore ,here are few more ways to explore.

“Travel while you are Young & able”- Anonymous
Join the group of trek enthusiasts and wander in Nature. You just need a tent,sleeping bag,bug repellent,torch, rain coat few extra clothing  in-case you get into water .Many experiences suggest trekking is the best way to kill stress while you soak in the beauty of wide landscapes and serene  Nature.Treks have usual glamour around it for setting  nice backdrops for profile pics and capturing fun moments with your best mates. Carry your own DSLR with you, because Your friends may get busy with nature while you are waiting to get clicked.

Music Jamming
” When music hits you,you feel no pain” -Bob Marley,Guitarist
Bangalore people has good ear for music. Most of them have their own jamming studios to indulge in music whenever they want to. If you are a music enthusiast,you can form your own group by connecting people with similar interests in social media and rent the studio . With your rhythm and bass guitars ready you are ready to jump in Drums,amps,pedals,mike sets are equipped within studio and includes in rent per hour basis.

Standup comedy meetups:
Be so good they cant ignore you”-Steve Martin,Actor
Can you crack witty jokes ,manage to pull off comedy with a bunch of strangers. You can try your luck to join the  best league stand-up comedians entertaining people in bangalore. Don’t be surprised if a 15 year-old makes fun of his biology class on human reproductive system or a granny sharing the story on how she met her new boyfriend in a recent bangkok trip.
Just enjoy laughing and make people laugh.

Live Music/Karaokes:
“I often think in Music” – Albert Einstien,Physicist
Step into some dimly lit pubs and listen to live music while sipping your drink. Grab the mike and sing out your favorite number for everyone around you.Fall in love with dancing lights ,crazy dance moves and tappy music.Most of pubs in Indiranagar have dance floors where you can show your best moves and impress your opposite sex.

PS4 Games with Room-mates:
“Keep calm and Game on” – Anonymous
Starting your weekend late on saturday morning is blissful. If you want to enjoy those morning musings,start your weekend on friday night playing PS4/XBOX until late midnight,continue the next afternoon,order a pizza for lunch and play until evening. You will never regret playing it whole day with a good TV and bunch of games to play simultaneously. You can rent the whole stuff also but needs advance booking..

If you are new to bangalore ,UseKaro.com is best P2P Rentingclub you can rent things for Video games, travel and adventure and lot many  for small periods and pay per use.Its a P2P platform to lend your items as well and make some money out of it.

–                      Experiences are far more Valuable than Money will ever be            –



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